Our Aircraft

For a general description of microlight aircraft, go here.

These are the aircraft available for students and experience flights. You don’t have to decide from these photographs if you don’t want to – come down to the airfield, have a chat with us and take a good look first, but do bear in mind the aircraft will need to be booked for your flight in good time, so don’t leave it until the day of your flight to decide.

Ikarus C42B – Fixed wing

Ikarus C42b

Pilot’s Operating Handbook here


Thruster T600N – Fixed wing

Thruster T600N

Type Approval Data Sheet here


P&M GT450 912 – Flexwing


Pilot’s Operating Handbook here

All these microlight aircraft have a maximum weight limit for take-off. For that reason, we cannot accept passengers or students weighing more than 110kg (17st) fully rigged.

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