What to Expect on an Experience Flight

The type of experience flight you want will depend on one of two factors:

  • Do you perhaps want to learn to fly and commence on a course of training,   or
  • Is the flight going to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ experienceexperience flight enjoyment

If it is to be the  beginning of your pilot training, together we will fly the ‘Exercise 1 – Air Experience’ from the new NPPL syllabus. This is great fun, and you will get the chance to try out the controls for yourself. It will be more of a ‘technical’ flight in preparation for you taking the pilot’s seat on your next lesson.

If it is to be a one-off flight experience, we will still conduct a training flight. However, we can discuss with you what you would like to do, such as fly over the area where you live or other usually familiar places that won’t look at all familiar from the air. We can also fly over local landscape features and beauty spots, such as Clee Hill or the Welsh hills. Of course, you’ll still get the opportunity to try out the controls for yourself if you want to – and if you change your mind and decide you want to learn to fly, the time spent on the experience flight will still go towards your total training time.

In either case, we will take photographs of you with your chosen aircraft, and also during the flight where possible. These will be posted to our facebook page and you will be given a card showing our facebook page name (or use the link on this website) – all we ask is that you ‘like’ and ‘share’ the moment  amongst your friends.

You can also take your own camera with you. In the flexwing, this can only be allowed (for safety reasons) if the camera has a wrist lanyard – the camera MUST stay ‘attached’ to you during the whole flight. Also, If flying in the flexwing, we will provide a warm flying suit, helmet and gloves, together with a headset so you can chat with your instructor/pilot. However, it can get a bit draughty around the ankles if you wear normal shoes or trainers, so boots are a good idea.

We are well experienced in giving our potential pilots and passengers a thoroughly thrilling time during their first foray into the air – and even seasoned flyers can get a completely new experience by trying a flight in a different sort of aircraft, such as a flexwing, often called  ‘the motorcycle of the sky’.


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