Training to be a microlight pilot

The advantage of training to be a microlight pilot is the reduced syllabus requirement for the National Privet Pilot Licence -NPPL. The full syllabus can be found here.

There are also reduced medical requirements compared to general aviation aircraft which can be found here.

Swift Light Flight use modern aircraft and take you from your first trial flight through to gaining your licence. We will also train on your own aircraft if suitable. Differences training (changing aircraft or aircraft types) and familiarisation training can also be given.

Our aircraft

Our microlights

How do I get started

The first thing to do is come along for that air experience flight to get the thrill of taking to the air and being in control of an aircraft. It’s a feeling you will never forget and you will want to tell everyone you meet about the experience of your flight in a microlight.

Pop back to our Home Page here and simply choose a 30 minute or 1-hour trial flight and we'll do the rest

For further information, you can contact one of our team using any of the following methods.

Call or text on 07973859756

Use the contact page here

Or just pop into the office for a chat and if we are not flying we will make you a cuppa.

Take an 'Experience flight'