Our Aircraft

For a general description of microlight aircraft, go here.

These are the aircraft available for students and experience flights. You don’t have to decide from these photographs if you don’t want to – come down to the airfield, have a chat with us and take a good look first, but do bear in mind the aircraft will need to be booked for your flight in good time, so don’t leave it until the day of your flight to decide.

Ikarus C42B – Fixed wing

Ikarus C42b

Pilot’s Operating Handbook here


Thruster T600N – Fixed wing

Thruster T600N

Type Approval Data Sheet here


P&M QuikR 912S – Flexwing


Pilot’s Operating Handbook here

All these microlight aircraft have a maximum weight limit for take-off. For that reason, we cannot accept passengers or students weighing more than 110kg (17st) fully rigged.



For most microlight aircraft, each year it must be inspected and check flown to revalidate its Permit to Fly. There are, however, exemptions given to registered single seat microlights (called SSDR – single seat de-regulated).

If your Certificate of Validity (C of V) is still valid, the inspection and check flight can be performed up to 60 days prior to its expiry with no loss of duration.

The maximum time between inspection and check flight is also 60 days. The check flight can be flown before the inspection as long as the C of V is still valid. Otherwise, it must be flown after the inspection.

If you are unsure please contact Steve Eyers for more advice on 07973 859756, or use our Contact page here

Inspections can only be carried out by a BMAA Authorised Inspector. We are, of course, authorised to conduct inspections by the BMAA.

Check flights can be carried out by any suitably licensed pilot. The BMAA check flying system is described in the BMAA Check Flying Handbook TIL 042 available here.

At the time of application your aircraft must have a valid weight report.

When you apply for revalidation of your aircraft’s Permit to Fly you will need to submit an application form and an inspection and check flight record. Again, we can help you with all aspects of this – phone Steve Eyers on 07973 859756 or use our Contact page here.


Our staff includes a BMAA inspector and experienced check pilot. We are also experienced with Rotax  2 and 4-stroke power unit maintenance.

We can service your engine on the bench or whilst on your aircraft.

We carry out routine 10hr, 25hr, 50hr, 100hr, 200hr or 500hr engine and gearbox services, shock load tests, as well as permit inspections and check flights. All servicing work is completed together with a detailed service report of the work carried out. We only use genuine Rotax spares.