Complete NPPL (M) Course

A complete package that provides the necessary minimum 25* hours flight training to achieve your NPPL. This package includes the dual training, supervised solo, 7 hours ground school and the 5 written exams, as well as the General Skills Test (and associated aircraft hire) and Ground Oral Examination .

We also provide you with:

Pilot’s logbook

NPPL syllabus – as issued by the BMAA

A copy of Paul Dewhurst’s ‘Briefing Notes’

Brian Cosgrove’s Microlight Pilot’s Handbook

1:250000 air chart

Knee board (fixed wing) or chart holder (flexwing)

Protractor and ruler

complete course books

Fixed wing: £3380

Flexwing: £3280


On site accommodation in a large six-berth caravan can be included at additional cost. For example, the whole course over 3 weeks (with 21 nights accommodation) would total £4220 for fixed wing and £4120 for flexwing. See details of the accommodation at Shobdon here. Alternatively, there is accommodation close to the airfield – see here

* Additional hours can be added as required to this package at the discounted rate of £105/hr for fixed wing and £100/hr for flexwing – see ‘Gaining your Pilot’s Licence’ here.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations: You can cancel your complete course at any time up to 48 hours before it is due to begin – an administration charge of £35.00 will be subtracted to cover our costs. If you cancel less than 48 hours before your course is due to begin (or cancel during your course), 10% will be deducted as well as the £35.00 administration charge. In the unlikely event that, after a few hours, you don’t want to continue with your flight training, we can refund any pre-paid unused hours, less the cancellation fees detailed above and the cost of course books and equipment. HOWEVER, you will not be entitled to the block booking discount, and the flying hours you have used will be charged at the prevailing rate, currently £115 for fixed wing and £110 for flexwing per hour.

There is no refund on booked accommodation.

Advanced Skills Courses

Here at Swift Light Flight we are working to make your flying more interesting, challenging and rewarding by providing additional training once you have achieved your licence. All too often, once you have gained your licence and completed a few flights to other airfields, it soon starts to get a bit ‘stale’. We can help you add to those skills you have already acquired. Come along and enjoy the challenge of flying out to smaller farm strips, together with the necessary pre-flight planning. We guarantee you’ll be tired but thrilled at the end of this short course. It has the added benefit of satisfying the training requirement for your NPPL revalidation.

Farm strip skills

Strip skills course – fixed or flexwing

1.5 days, includes 1 x overnight accommodation in large static caravan on site. The caravan is six-berth, so bring your friends or family too. There’s plenty to see and do around Shobdon if flying doesn’t appeal to them – see here.

Begins afternoon on day 1

Afternoon session 1 – briefing for Shobdon and familiarisation circuits using northside grass runway (long, wide and easy): 45 mins airtime

Session 2 – briefing and circuits using southside grass runway (shorter, narrower and more challenging) : airtime 1 hr

Total airtime : 1 hr 45 mins

Briefing for away landings inc runway orientation and altimeter setting

Day 2

Summarise briefing, Q & A and PPR for destinations

Pre-flight inspection and away landings at several farm strips in Herefordshire, Wales, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire – as time and conditions allow

Take packed lunch in pod bag/cockpit storage.

3.5 hours airtime

£650 using school fixed wing aircraft. Includes the one night accommodation and tea/coffee and packed lunch on Day 2.

£620 using school flexwing aircraft. Includes the one night accommodation and tea/coffee and packed lunch on Day 2.

Your own aircraft can be used if suitable – contact us here to discuss.

Accommodation can be arranged for the second night if required at cost.