Microlight Pilot Training

One of the greatest thrills anyone can experience is to pilot their own aircraft and take members of their family or friends with them. Learning to fly comes a close second! The training is great fun and you’ll make new flying friends for the rest of your life. Better still, flying microlights costs just a fraction of the expense normally associated with aviation.

Here at Swift Light Flight we have two CAA approved instructors who can train you to become competent ‘microlight’ pilots through the entire NPPL (National Private Pilot’s Licence) course up to ‘examination’ standard, together with the necessary ground school training and written exams.I'm having fun training to fly

We train aspiring pilots on modern fixed and flexwing aircraft – you just have to choose which one takes your fancy here.

To help you decide, you can split a 1 hour experience flight between two aircraft. It isn’t practical to split a 30 minute flight between two aircraft – by the time you’ve done your checks and taxiied down to the runway, it’ll be time to come back!

One of the advantages of learning to fly microlights, when compared with larger light aircraft,  is the reduced training syllabus requirement. That’s not to say standards are lower – simply that there is no Instrument Flight Training involved, which reduces both air time and ground school study.

Flexwing training

A copy of the NPPL Microlight syllabus is here.

There is also a recently introduced ‘self-declaration’ on-line medical procedure, so no need to be signed-off by your GP. In essence, if you are fit to drive your car, then you are deemed fit to fly – link to NPPL website here.

Although you will see we charge by the hour, that is actually just the flight time. A lesson includes a pre-flight briefing and post-flight debrief all included, so a 1 hour lesson actually takes about 2 hours – longer when it includes teaching the pre-flight aircraft inspection – but the student only pays the 1 hour flight time price, so it represents excellent value for money!

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself or a friend to an experience flight by buying a gift voucher here – then you’ll really have something to look forward to and, afterwards, memories for a lifetime!


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