Our Instructors

So, you want to learn to fly!  Our Instructors are here to make sure you achieve your ambitions and have the most fun while you are on your journey. Here’s who you will meet at Swift Light Flight, as well as plenty of other happy microlight flyers at Shobdon Airfield.

Steve Eyers

Steve Eyers - Chief Flying InstructorChief Flying Instructor – Fixed and Flexwing

Following a brief period managing a café theatre in London’s west end, Steve entered partnership in a contemporary furniture design making business. Following a move to Shropshire with the furniture business, Steve learnt to fly, qualifying for an NPPL microlight licence in 2004

“ I eventually decided to follow the dream of becoming a microlight flying instructor in 2009” and took up an assistant instructor job at Shobdon

“As often seems to happen to me, and almost on my first day as an assistant flying instructor, I was offered ownership of the school. As the only other alternative was not to have a job, I took the offer”

Following his upgrade to FI and the addition of ground examiner, Steve added a Flexwing conversion and started to instruct on the GT 450 in addition to the 3-axis machines. Steve also holds a JAR FCL although he says this is rarely used.

Steve is a BMAA inspector and has received IRMT training to work on Rotax 912 engines

Steve Hannaford

Steve Hannaford - Flexwing InstructorFlying Instructor – Flexwing

Steve (or ‘other Steve’ as he is known) had a fire service career spanning 15 years  and was then a forensic fire investigator until his recent retirement.

He gained his first Private Pilot’s Licence in 1990 flying Piper Cherokees. In 2016, Steve decided that flying microlights, and particularly flexwings, was the way he wanted to go in the future, and so he gained his NPPL (M) from scratch and then his Instructor Certificate for flexwing flying.

Over the past 40 years Steve has been an instructor in the fire service, a lecturer on fire investigation techniques, and a tutor to aspiring Expert Witnesses on their role to the courts, so no surprise that he would want to become a flying instructor!


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