Pilot Revalidation

To revalidate an NPPL by experience, a microlight pilot must spend a minimum of 1 hour with a flight instructor in every 24 month revalidation period.

We know that many licensed pilots are apprehensive about having to fly with an instructor, but it’s all part of the CAA’s requirements, so why not make it as enjoyable (dare we say ‘fun’) and useful as possible.

We are happy to fly with you in your own aircraft (provided it is suitable), or you can choose to fly in one of our flexwing or fixed wing aircraft. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your needs and wants, and any concerns you might have. For prices, go here

Better to come to Shobdon and spend your instructional hour with one of our sympathetic instructors than to leave it too long and have to revalidate with an examiner doing a GST all over again!  Remember, your required instructional hour can be arranged anytime during your 24 month revalidation period. You could even come on our ‘Strip Skills’ course and have some real fun while you were complying with the training requirement.

Both microlight instructors at Shobdon are ‘Revalidation Examiners’ and are authorised to sign-off your licence or logbook.

To encourage pilots to spend their revalidation hour with us at Shobdon, we will pay your landing fee*.

*One-off landing fee, fixed or flexwing, when undertaking a full hour instructional flight with Swift Light Flight. For more information, please contact us here.

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