Pricing 2019

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Here are our charging rates and pricing for 2019. Remember that the hourly rate for flight training relates to aircraft time, so the pre-flight briefing and post-flight debriefing are included at no extra cost.

Hourly rate for dual training in Fixed wing:  £115 – Ikarus C42 or Thruster

Hourly rate for dual training in Flexwing:  £115 – P&M QuikR

Supervised solo in fixed or flexwing: same rate as dual training

Dual/solo training in own aircraft: £75/hr

Ground school: £30/hr

Examinations: £30 each

General Skills Test and Ground Oral Examination: £200  plus aircraft hire at £75/hr where applicable

Pilot revalidation: 1 hour at £115 (in school fixed or flexwing) £75 in own aircraft (if suitable).  Includes Shobdon landing fee – see details here

Permit renewals: from £120


If you are prepared to pay in advance for no less than 10 hours, we can offer a discount on the hourly rate shown above. Speak with Steve Eyers for more details.



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