Types and performance

Types of Microlights and their performance

There are two types of microlight in general use at the moment. The fixed wing (3 Axis) and the flex wing (weightshift) aircraft. Chose from single seat or 2 seat on both types - below are some examples of these. The fixed wing behaves very much like a conventional aircraft, but costs considerably less to run! The flex wing has a moveable wing with a trike suspended below it and is flown by moving the weight of the trike using a horizontal bar. Both are great fun and easily accessible. Book a trial flight today and see for yourself.

Fixed wing (or 3 axis) microlights

Modern microlights are happy in a wide variety of suituations. Here is an Ikarus C42, almost identical to the Swift Light Flight aircraft, flying over Mont Blanc.

The ever-popular Eurostar EV97 in action over England. Fly this aircraft on a standard microlight licence - call Swift Light Flight now to find out more

Flex-wing Microlights

Fly this Quik 912 with Swift Light Flight today

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