Why Fly a Microlight

Why fly a microlight rather than a 'conventional' light aircraft?

Microlights have changed considerably in the last few years. The latest aircraft are fast, reliable, safe and very economical (compared to traditional light aircraft). 

The reasons for choosing to fly microlights are many.  The sport is not so much about arriving at your destination as the getting there. Apart from the achievement of gaining your pilots licence you can get involved in all sorts of flying activities with fly-ins organised most weekends of the year. Rallies, meetings and competitions are held during the year for anyone to join in.

Microlight aircraft are generally inexpensive to own and run with the regulation lighter than with other types. The owner-pilot takes the responsibility for maintenance and airworthiness though paid individuals can do the work if the owner wishes. Guidance is readily available.

Modern microlights have been developed with the introduction of advanced materials and engines producing safe, comfortable, capable machines with good performance and it's not as expensive as you think. You can fly into small privately and club owned airfields all around the country and aboard and most larger airfields accept microlights for landing when in two-way radio communication.

After 20 hours of pilot training

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